Ensure that your children browse the web safely

KEYfamily is the system of Differentiated Web Surfing (Navigazione Differenziata) that, installed on your home PC, allows you to safely and verifiably access the Internet through your home connection, ensuring to screen out the vision of sites unsuitables for minors and indecent for the contents dispayed.

Following years of Research and Development and the use of the most advanced technologies, the system of Differentiated Web Surfing called KEYfamily, developed on childKEY technology, makes use of semantic analysis systems in order to detect contents. Sites containing pornography, pedophilia, and violence are not accessible, and a courtesy page signals to the user the reason for inaccessibility.

The availability of screening activation makes the system efficient against so-called dialers, which are applications that connect to phone numbers and that result in highly expensive bills. In addition, the chance of downloading viruses decreases significantly even if an antivirus is not installed.

KEYfamily appeals to families who want a tool that may help them protect their children from “undesirable” encounters, and instruct them to use the Internet properly. The Self-Regulation Code "internet@minori" of the Ministry of Communications, that GESTWEB Reseach supports and together with other companies promotes, states that minors must be guaranteed a “safe” access to the Internet.



KEYfamily 1.0.2